Washing of the Feet

On Maundy Thursday we had the liturgy of the Washing of the Feet in our house community and shared communion. We reflected on what the washing of the feet meant for the followers of Jesus and what it means for us today as we washed each other’s feet.
It was for each of us an act of respect, an act of love and an act of mutual recognition.
Calais is a place where refugees are often not treated humanely, where human rights and children’s rights are not respected and where few people show acts of welcoming or openness. In this darkness the act of servitude that Jesus taught us in the washing of his disciples feet is very important.
As we prepare for Easter, the liturgy we celebrate and the cross of Christ have become very tangible in our everyday lives and celebrating Easter with our brothers and sisters who are refugees has become almost a ‘political act’ – the act of recognizing each other as fully human and as children of the Father.

Washing of the Feet: drawing by Arta, community volunteer.

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