Orthodox Easter 2020


DSC02478 (2)

Easter under lockdown. Long term  Maria Skobtsova House volunteer Roman writes “We give thanks to God on this most holy day of all for bringing us all together, uniting us in communion through Christ, our risen Lord. We give thanks for all the experiences of joy, laughter but also sadness and anxiety that we go through here to grow nearer to God, to Truth, to Love.

We would like to give thanks to all the residents, the board members, the volunteers present in the house now and who have been here in the past and will be in the future, the donators and fellow organisation members working together with us for the same goal, for all the prayers and help that has come to support us from all around the world to provide help to people who are in a very difficult situation. We ask Him to always keep each one of us under the protection of His Holy Spirit. To always give strength, clarity and guidance to follow the true path back to our Home, the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ has risen! He truly is risen!”

Ambasha 3

Ambasha and Injera

Preparing the meal for the celebration in our house and for around 100 Eritrean guys in the Jungle. Two big pots of traditional food, plus 500 injeras and 16 ambasha breads were made in a day. We were lucky this time to be given already boiled eggs so we missed all the fun of peeling 100+ eggs.food prep


Utopia 56 delivered the feast to the Eritrean refugee community living outdoors

Daniel 1 Fasika 9

“We are all celebrating great Easter. Everybody is happy for your organisation helping our Fasika. We thank you so much for your giving us love and support. We also thinking about Britain people because right now is you guys in the hard time to fight against corona virus. May God please end up virus. With God all thinks are possible.” (Eritrean refugee living outdoors in Calais)


Maria Skobtsova House manager Kirrilee, and long term volunteers Merilin, Maria and Roman.

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