Praying in front of the Orthodox Selassie (Trinity) in Église St Joseph

Continuing with the tradition of the past few years, we had a wonderful celebration of Eritrean/Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas on January 7th. Thanks to Père Pierre Poidevin, and the invaluable support of Sr. Henriette, more than 60 Eritreans came for a 3 hour prayer service led by two Eritrean deacons in Église St Joseph. A fine team of Eritrean refugees prepared a celebratory ‘habesha’ meal for 150 of their community.. Because of Covid, this had to be outdoors…and mercifully it was dry all day.

Refugee Community Kitchen (RCK) provided a stack of supplies to help prepare the meal. Véronique Pigeon, a great friend of the house, Elise from the Women’s Centre, and Marion from Utopia 56 helped transport people from the Eritrean camps to St Joseph’s Church. Secours Catholique provided a vehicle, and the gas burner on which the ‘Zigni’ (beef stew) was cooked. Care4Calais, knowing we would be celebrating Orthodox Christmas, arrived to join in, bearing gifts for the refugees. Many people contributed financially to help the Christmas celebration. We are deeply grateful for all the support we received.

Orthodox prayer in Église St Joseph
Kilos and kilos of onions for the ‘Zigni’
14 kilos of beef for the Zigni
The Injera production team
Hundreds of Injera
Zigni’, injera and salad, BMX car park
The celebrations continue
Sunset Christmas Day

One thought on “ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS 2021

  1. It’s wonderful that there is so much love and support by a few and the world sits back. It’s a privilege to know you Alex. This is good Gospel stuff xx


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