About us


The Maria Skobtsova House & Community

Our house and community is named after an Orthodox Saint and Martyr who took care of Russian refugees, migrants, the homeless and Jewish people in Paris (France) during the last century.  Maria Skobtsova house works in this spirit amongst young refugees and immigrants in Calais and the North of France.

Our mission is to be prayerfully present with and amongst the refugees.

–          A monastic inspired house of hospitality for refugees in Calais (in the North of France).

The house accompanies underage refugees and gives emergency accommodation to vulnerable refugees.

Many of the refugees we work with will be coming from the local hospital or medical center after an accident or because of further health problems. Sometimes young woman or woman with children will have need of urgent accommodation. Next to accompaniment and emergency accommodation we participate in advocacy for refugee rights.

With many of the young and vulnerable refugees who have arrived in the UK we try to keep in contact and/or visit them once they are ‘settled in’ a more permanent accommodation or foster family. We find it important that they know that we still care for them even if they have left the house. This is fundamentally part of our pedagogy.

The Eritrean and Ethiopian Orthodox Community recently started a community of their Church in Arras, France. This Church serves Eritreans and Ethiopians who live in the North of France. We try to be part of this community – as it helps refugees find their place in France.

–          A community living, working and praying with and amongst the refugees

Saint Maria Skobtsova Community is a community of both lay and religious people growing and deepening in the spirituality of Mother Maria Skobtsova and of a Benedictine inspired life.

Our work is only possible thanks to donations by individual people, by churches, parishes and religious communities.


The holy and glorious venerable-martyr Maria Skobtsova
(also Saint Mary of Paris or Mother Maria) was a nun and martyr in Paris in the early twentieth century. She encouraged hospitality and love of one’s neighbor, often in the most uncompromising of terms. She considered this to be the foundation of the Christian gospel, and she embodied it in her life. She is often compared to Dorothy Day, an American Roman Catholic who founded the Catholic Worker movement. Saint Mary died a martyr in Ravensbrück prison. She was glorified by the Church of Constantinople on January 16, 2004, along with her companions, Priest Dmitri Klepinin, her son George (Yuri) Skobtsov, and Elie Fondaminsky. They are commemorated on July 20.
from Orthodox Wiki.)