Monastic Experience

Our Lady of the Jungle of Calais, by Henoch

Do you feel called to live a life in prayer,
to serve amongst the poor and refugees
and live in community?

Maybe Saint Maria Skobtsova Community might be something for you?

From the work of the Catholic Worker hospitality house grew a praying community of lay and religious people who feel called and inspired by Mother Maria Skobtsova, by the spirituality of service and prayer amongst refugees.

Daily prayer, spiritual reading, Bible study and working amongst refugees combines monastic life with service to the poor.

We start and end our day in prayer.
Listening to God is at the heart of our community. Prayer is much more than just asking or petitioning God, it is also hearing Gods voice in all of life. It can mean silence at times, or listening to others. Prayer is our willingness and need for unity with God and God with us. The Rule of Saint Benedict puts prayer & listening at the heart of the monks and nuns life.  “Listen carefully my child to the master’s instructions, and attend to them with the ear of your heart.”  (The first line of the Prologue to the Rule of Saint Benedict)

It is the heart that needs to listen and not only the mind. Maybe specific for our community is that we want to listen to God in the life of the poor. ‘Blessed are the poor (in spirit)’ the Gospel teaches us. Why are they blessed and how? The poor have something to teach us! Serving the poor means living amongst them, becoming brothers and sisters not for the sake of ‘poverty’ itself, but for the sake of the Gospel and for our own salvation!  The richness of our community is in the living amongst the poor and marginalised. “The poor tell us who we are; the prophets tell us who we could be, so we hide the poor and kill the prophets.” Philip Berrigan

Our life is a life of service.

Our community serves amongst the poor and refugees. Sometimes we share the table with them, sometimes a dormitory depending on the needs and possibilities. As our saint and martyr Mother Maria Skobtsova did before us we live as monks and nuns in the city serving amongst the marginalised.

Mother Maria Skobtsova was canonised (by act of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate) as a saint on the 16th of January 2004 in Paris. “A saint of our day and for our day; a woman of flesh and blood possessed by the love of God, who stood face to face with the problems of this century.” Metropolitan Anthony Bloom of Sourozh.

Saint Maria Skobtsova Community
is a community of both lay and religious people growing and deepening in the spirituality of Mother Maria Skobtsova and of a Benedictine inspired life.

Do you feel called to religious life?
Would you like to live in a Christian community?
Would you like to join us for a short time or may be for a life time?
Do you want to explore this vocation, to serve the poor and live in prayer?

What we propose:
* Either three months volunteering in our community
* or a year of exploring the charism of this monastic life.

If you you would like more information or have a talk about volunteering or exploring the charism of this monastic life contact brother Johannes.