Maria Skobtsova House is a hospitality house in Calais that focuses on vulnerable refugees. During the last years many refugees have passed through the safe house, often coming from the city hospital or the little refugee camps spread around Calais.

We are looking for volunteers who can take on the role of ‘house mother/father’.

The ‘house mother/father’s main focus is being present in the house for the refugees (who are vulnerable) ensuring safety and comfort. We are looking for people with a mature and warm personality, able to contribute to and maintain a family atmosphere in the house. They will take an active role in the daily household chores, play a game and teach some English/French. Most importantly, they need to do this with love and a servant heart.

The house observes a gentle Christian tradition of corporate prayer and all volunteers are expected to participate fully in this. Because of the nature of the house, we are unable to offer a lot of training and so are looking for people who can fulfil the role as soon as they arrive. We will, of course, offer an orientation and induction day so that new volunteers are integrated into the team.
We are looking for a commitment of at least one month or longer.